September Flying

No matter when you’re lucky enough to get in the basket of a hot air balloon, you can know that you’re in for a magical adventure. That is my opinion, but it’s backed up by conversations with thousands of former passengers.

Swooshing up into the air in the basket of a hot air balloon is indeed magical-any time of year. But wait-let’s talk about the month of September for a minute. (You knew that was coming.) Think for a minute about the sparkle in the air on the morning of the first day of school, or the deep blue of the September afternoon sky. Think about the soft breeze of a September evening, accompanied by the warm sun on your back as you stroll down your street. But did you know September is also one of the best weather months for ballooning? Ballooning is very weather-dependent. Just ask any balloon pilot or balloon enthusiast in the Northeast. The extreme summer heat is on its way out, the deep fall/winter cold weather is still weeks away, the air is clear, winds are often calm, and the rainy season hasn’t made its entrance yet. Put simply, September weather is as near to perfect as we can hope for, for hot air ballooning in NJ.

Soft air, great light and calm winds make perfect ballooning weather. If ever you were thinking about trying a hot air balloon flight, do yourself a favor. Do it in September.

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