NJ Hot Air Balloon Rides

New Jersey, specifically Hunterdon County, NJ is a Mecca for hot air ballooning for many reasons. Consider first that New Jersey is known as “The Garden State”. The iconic corn and tomatoes aside, about 40% of the acreage in Hunterdon County is farmland assessed. The trend is toward vegetables, horticulture, organic foods and herbs, much of which is grown on small family farms. From the vantage point of a hot air balloon, this is very beautiful. Being a coastal state, NJ’s weather is moderate, not considered extreme. Hunterdon County enjoys inland protection from ocean winds as well-we luck out in a couple of ways! Hence, we can enjoy more days of good flying weather, and flights can be scheduled in every season. Of course, ballooning is very weather dependent, no matter where you’re flying. But NJ hot air balloon rides have a better chance of actually taking place, vis-à-vis weather. Hunterdon County, as well as being a “farmland” county, also is home to beautiful parks, reservoirs, churches, woodlands, brooks, rivers, wildlife, and gorgeous homes. Again, from the vantage of a hot air balloon-the scenery is breathtaking. When you’re considering a hot air balloon ride, consider a NJ hot air balloon ride-you’ll be glad you did!

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