Closed-toe Shoes??

It’s July. It’s pretty hot out.

You’re scheduled to go on a balloon flight. (Good for you!) As instructed, you call to confirm your flight the day before it’s scheduled. (So we know you’re a great passenger-you’re following directions!) Since you’re such a great passenger, while you’re chatting on the phone with the lovely Balloons Aloft rep. (me), you ask about proper attire. (I knew I liked you) I tell you to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. “WHAT??!!! DON”T YOU KNOW IT’S JULY???”, you say sweetly.

After I talk you down off that ledge, I explain my (apparently alarming) wardrobe suggestion.

Balloons are great at floating along with the wind. There is no engine. There is no steering wheel. There is no rocket booster. They float wherever the wind decides it wants them to go. (Only kidding-the wind doesn’t actually “decide”) But you get the picture. The pilot can “steer” only by changing altitude-going up or down-and catching different wind directions. So-when it’s time to land, it’s not impossible it will be in vegetation of some sort. Could be sticker bushes or on a lawn. While your pilot will try really hard to land on flat, clear land (and most are great at this), the landing spot may be in scrub bushes or a field with those little pinchy plants or a farmer’s pasture- an area that begs for ‘long pants and closed-toe shoes’.

So, you wonderful passenger-aren’t you glad you asked?

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