A Quick Primer for Hot Air Ballooning...did you know...

A pilot must have a Commercial Pilot license in order to fly passengers.

Passengers need to make a reservation for a flight.

Balloons fly just before or at sunrise and a couple of hours before sunset. Those are the times of day when the wind is most stable.

Ballooning is very weather-dependent. It’s not impossible for a flight to be canceled just before flight time if the weather turns-if the wind doesn’t calm down as expected, or if thunderstorms develop, for instance. The pilot wants to fly as much as you do, but he or she won’t fly if it’s not safe.

Our passengers help during the launching and packing up phases of the flight. This creates great photo ops.

The balloon is comprised of the envelope (the large “balloon” you see in the sky), the basket, and the burner, which provides the flame to heat the air in the envelope.

Our basket measures four feet by five feet-about the size of a powder room. Our envelope is a “105” (one-o-five). It can hold one hundred five thousand cubic feet of air. We can carry 2-5 passengers. The total weight for passengers we can carry is 750 pounds. That’s why we ask for total weight of passengers.

Ballooning is an outdoor physical activity. We advise passengers to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Since there’s no way to steer the balloon, upon landing the balloon might be in a field of tall grass or low bushes. And it’s not impossible passengers might be drafted to help move it. It’s all part of the activity!

The temperature aloft is basically the same as the temperature on the ground. The balloon moves at the same velocity as the wind so passengers don’t feel the wind blowing during flight. These two facts are the reason you don’t have to wear heavier clothing than that which you’re wearing on the ground. We do, however, suggest a jacket or over-shirt in case it gets cooler as the sun sets in the evening. Also, taller individuals might be more comfortable if they are wearing a baseball cap or other head covering to shield against the heat from the burners overhead.

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